NS7  is a standard ERC20 token and  focuses on entertainment and enhancing a type of cognitive strata stimulated by games like bubble witch and bejeweled but you can store a few of your assets as well. Email: for more information. For social contact you can visit our reddit, twitter and facebook pages: The game, which essentially functions as a wallet and exchange (due to its token swap function) will be password protected with email recovery enabled for safe keeping. The swap/exchange function gives users a greater command over their finances and due to the fact that users can earn a bit of Najah Safiya coin by playing the game -- a financial edge. There is no massive reward however mild profit and incentive to keep playing and a natural profit margin due the exchange function. Najah Safiya the Project aims to brighten the day, pass the time and make some spare change while users are at it. It's all about convenience, fun and functionality while bringing a little more music to the cryptospace since the founder is also a musician releasing this musical crypto-enhaced game.
NS7 will function respectively as a standard coin alongside all of this and will exist in several exchanges available for trade with any other coin. It is standard currency. Priced at a conversion of $1.00 USD and it's musical roots has no bearing on its legitimate functionality. Najah Safiya hopes to aid in diversity and functionality and to be a positive asset to the cryptospace in broadening crypto's reach throughout the USA and beyond and making the use of crypto easier, a bit more fun for the light at heart and more accessible to those who never thought they would ever get involved with crypto. When people are introduced to something in a fun manner, they often find other things of relevance associated with it and sharpen their focus to other aspects of their lives like finances. This could be the push a lot of bystanders need in the crypto direction who now discover the real profit/reward in simple trading over short periods of time and then turn to trade legitimately on other platforms with a wider reach and much more substance like Coinbase Pro, Binance and HitBtc. Najah Safiya's ultimate goal is to be a fun asset and gateway into Crypto.